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Burning Cars

Overview of burning cars, supercar and exotics that were reported around the world, from new Ferraris that burn down to a burning race car that finishes as race.

Ford GT Fire in Germany

German Ford GT Catches Fire in Munich

A rather strange incident happened last weekend. A brand new Ford GT, only recently delivered to its owner in Munich, Germany, caught fire. The...

1 of 799 Ferrari F12tdf Burns to Ashes on the Autobahn

A Ferrari F12tdf met its unfortunate demise last week on the A3 autobahn which connects Cologne and Frankfurt. The limited edition GT car caught...

Ferrari 430 Scuderia Burns Down 1hr After Owner Bought It

It certainly stirred up some emotions with us when we heard the news of a pristine Ferrari 430 Scuderia burning down, only one hour...

Lamborghini Countach Bursts into Flames in San Francisco (w/Video)

A gas station in San Francisco was destroyed recently when a Lamborghini Countach caught fire on the forecourt. Video footage reveals that all might...
Richard Hammond Hemberg Hill Climb Rimac

Grand Tour Presenter Richard Hammond Injured in Rimac Fire at Hemberg Hill Climb

Information is slowly leaking out surrounding an incident at the legendary Swiss hill climb event in Hemberg. It seems that the Gran Tour team...

Warehouse Full of JDM Cars Burns Down in the UK

An unfortunate event earlier this week saw a warehouse full of JDM cars burn down near Wigan in the UK. The warehouse belonged to...

Ferrari F40 Burns Down During Road Trip to Collect LaFerrari Aperta

We just received the unfortunate news that a rare Ferrari F40 has burned down during a road trip to collect a brand new LaFerrari...

Ferrari F40 Burns Down After Completing Restoration in UK

Images have surfaced online revealing a Ferrari F40 that burned down today in the UK, just minutes after its first outing. It is believed...
Lamborghini Crash Chicago

Heroes Rescue Driver from Lamborghini Huracan Moments Before it is Consumed by Fire

A freak accident in Chicago left a Lamborghini Huracan split in half yesterday. The Italian supercar appears to have struck a traffic light pole,...

Porsche 911 Set on Fire by Angry Protestors in France

Labor reform protests got out of hand today in France with excessive violence causing several injuries, including wounding at least one policeman. It is...